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5 Recycling Tips for Home

There’s more to home recycling than just picking the right waste, and putting it where it can be recycled later. Rather, it is about looking at the larger picture of why recycling is important, then proceed to make the most out of it. Did you know that for instance, of all the waste that you generate from your home, an incredible 70% of it can be recycled? Yes, that’s a fact; here in the UK, most home owners aren’t aware that most of the waste they generate in their homes can be recycled. Plastics, electronics, toilet roll papers, mouth wash bottles, broken furniture; almost any item found in your home can be recycled. For those who are still not convinced, or feel that they need easy tips to recycle at home, then read below;



  • Recycling and reusing are both great ways to help conserve Mother Nature, even save some money while at it. In other words, the waste you have in your home can be recycled to help manufacture a new item, rather than using new raw materials. Likewise, you can reuse some items in your home and save yourself the money you’d have spent buying a new item for the same task.
  • Start by sorting all the waste and rubbish in your premises. Although some waste clearance and removal companies do this on your behalf, you are always best placed to know where to place what. Cardboards, the hard toilet rolls, plastic containers of body lotions, toothpaste tubes, damaged TV; you should sort all these in advance.
  • Glass can be recycled also, so before you throw away those broken glasses and shards into the landfill, think twice! Glass doesn’t rot or waste away even when buried and poses huge risks to the environment. Compile the broken glasses and if possible, put them according to colors; glass recycling companies always prefer it this way.


When looking to hire a rubbish clearance services, always ensure that you pick one that has a recycling rate of over 70%. A good example of this is