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Shooting in a Photo Studio


Having a photo shoot in a studio can make things easy for the photographer if they know what they are doing but can be complicated if you are inexperienced.

If your plans are not to rent a studio and photograph outside, you will need to consider things like the weather and where exactly the photos will take place which can be an inconvenience.

You will be able to control everything on the day of your shoot so will need great organisational skills to make sure everything goes to plan. You will be responsible for how the shoot turns out so careful planning is needed.

You must be well prepared for things to go well and stay calm throughout the day. You must know exactly what your client wants and expects from you so you should communicate with them regularly before and after the photo session. You should find what the client does not like so it is not accidentally included. This could be certain colour shades, objects and backdrops.

Also you must decide who owns the images, copyright, and where they can be used.

Once all is agreed then you should think about if you need any help throughout the day. You could hire a couple of junior photographers or if you have the budget for it hire a professional if you are not one already to do the whole thing for you. Depending on the size of the project, you could even think about hiring a whole team of people to take the stress out of the day.

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