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Contemporary sofa designs for the living room

A sofa is the focal point of any living room and is also the most used piece of furniture in the house. It is therefore important when purchasing a sofa that you not only take into account design aesthetics but also the functionality of the piece that you are choosing.

A fine balance between the two will help give any living room the perfect look. Using bold prints and fabric textures there are multiple ways that a sofa can be incorporated into your design. Currently, there are so many designs and price points to choose from available on the market, that there really is something to suit every taste and style. In this article we will discuss some of the most popular styles available on the market, and how you can incorporate them into your unique decor.

Velvet Chesterfield sofa:

The Chesterfield design, offers a classic look to any living room. While, this look is very popular many people want to incorporate it into a more modern look. By buying the chesterfield sofa that is upholstered with velvet fabric you can turn this classic look contemporary. Opt for deep, warm hues to keep in touch with the classic sense of the design and add matching chenille velvet cushions to finish off the look.

sofa designs

Mid-century futon:

In small spaces there is a requirement for practical solutions. This sofa does just that. Opt for a mid-century look, with an exposed wooden frame and upholstered cushions that can double as a futon for when guests stay over. Thus maximising space in a clever manner.

Add your own unique touch by experimenting with fabric textures, colours and prints. Versatility of the sofa allows it to blend into most colour schemes and interior styles.

Sectional sofa with storage facilities:

In an open plan house, contemporary sofas works great to divide up space without any big imposing walls. When choosing a sectional sofa look for one with additional storage space in the bottom. This allows room for books and other decorative pieces that can add to your aesthetic and also provide additional room for storage. The great thing about sectional sofas is that they provide a large amount of seating space which can be great for small areas where fitting in more than one sofa is not possible.

sofa deisgns - living room

Modern convertible sofa:

Choosing a sofa with clean straight lines and neutral upholstery allows it to fit into any decor theme. Increase the versatility of this sofa design, by opting for a sofa that can also double as a bed. This provides more functionality for when guests come to visit and also helps save space.

In recent years the comfort levels of convertible sofas have increased drastically. They are now more easy to use and set up than ever before, making them a good versatile option for a regularly used sofa.